Wish List

I wish I could …

play the flute
play the guitar
live closer to family
become a famous essayist
write a column
have more time to read
meet Caitlin Flanagan
live in New York or Boston again
sleep better
eat without thinking about calories
make genealogy trips more often
organize a huge family reunion
run again
swim more often
find time to get new workout shoes
figure out my digital camera
go to a flea market
wiggle my Bewitched nose to clean my house
ski like crazy
drink coffee and tea 24/7
stunt the Little Guy’s growth
be an artist
turn my garage into my very own creative studio
get more massages
get by on 6 hours of sleep or less
speak Spanish
go to Mexico without getting sick
find more time to play with Photoshop
wear a short skirt
read without reading glasses
look for sea glass on a warm beach

What’s on your wish list?

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