Creative Lightning

The Meaning of Life according to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Meaning of Life
according to
The Hitchhiker’s Guide
to the Galaxy

MomBrain is a salty writer. At least, she hopes she is. Because any writer worth her salt keeps a notebook beside her bed in case midnight lightning strikes.

Creative lightning does not strike often, and it almost always looks brighter at night than it does in the light of day. For example, my own notes are usually the burning equivalent of “Feed the cat” or “Where are my keys?” Last night’s note was different, though. “Glee ship tuna” it says.

I sort of remember writing it. I’d had one of those key to the universe dreams and thought Must. Remember. Or. Die. It made sense at the time – something about going in circles? but doing it in spikes? instead of arcs?

  • Was a ship circling a school of tuna while the soldiers sang with glee?
  • Were gleeful tuna circling a sinking ship?
  • Was a ship called the Gleeful Tuna floating in circles?

I do not know. But I am bereft at losing my own version of 42.

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