Of Feet and Fleet

Class Ring Star Fleet Academy United Federation of Planets

Class Ring
Star Fleet Academy
United Federation of Planets

MomBrain’s mouth wears a size 8 shoe. I know this because today when I put my foot in my mouth, it fit perfectly. And no, I can’t tell you what happened, because HELLO new reader!

In other news, nothing reveals my rusty Brain more than meeting a cheerful and friendly Alpha Mom who, with a family much like mine, is running her own business, meeting international clients at schwank restaurants, traveling around the country, and wearing expensive, grown-up jewelry. Most telling: She actually brushes her hair. She puts my LinkedIn profile to shame, not to mention my ponytail and Star Trek ring.

But MomBrain did not hang her head in despair. She did not take out her ponytail or remove her Starfleet Academy class ring.  She did not order another Manhattan and dive headfirst for the cherry at the bottom. She smiled, shook hands, and congratulated Alpha Mom on her success. This morning MomBrain brushed her hair and polished her LinkedIn profile.  Next up?  I do not know. But I’m thinking in the right direction, even if I am not moving in it (quite yet).

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