The Cowardly Lion Gets a Spine

MomBrain is lucky, lucky, lucky to have three Wizard-of-Oz friends: one is her heart, one is her brain, and one is her spine.

MomBrain recently took a walk in the woods with her spine: a willowy Eileen Fisher type who makes MomBrain feel like a dumpling. Unfortunately the trails were not dumpling-friendly. “Eileen” strode joyfully over hill and dale. MomBrain whimpered and crawled. Eileen’s dog bounced along merrily. MomBrain’s dog sat in the gravel and dug in. Eileen recounted a two-day backpacking adventure with a thirty-pound pack, bears, and torrential rain. MomBrain debated whether she should drive the little car or the big car for errands.

Yes, MomBrain is a delicate hothouse flower. But this does not stop Eileen from doing her job as my spine. She calls it tough love. I call it smacking me upside the head when I am a cowardly lion.

Cowardly Lion

The original Cowardly Lion from
“The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”
by L. Frank Baum

Eileen: Crawl out of the rabbit hole! That idea sucks!!!

MomBrain: Wheeeeeeze

Eileen: When will you stop thinking and start doing???

MomBrain: Wheeeeeeze

Eileen: Let’s go two more miles!!!

MomBrain: Wheeeeeeze

I suspect Eileen did this on purpose. What better way to force MomBrain to listen without talking back? But … Eileen is right. So I have (mostly) crawled out of the rabbit hole, despite the scary sunlight. I have – with a little wrenching – discarded the sucky idea. And I have resolved to stop thinking and start moving forward, even if I wheeze. Next step? I do not know. But maybe knowing isn’t the point.

2 comments to The Cowardly Lion Gets a Spine

  • Keep going now that you are in motion! I’ve found that’s the hardest part. I go happily along my way making great strides and somehow find myself opening my eyes and I’m back in that dreadful ‘rabbit hole’. Do something every single day that makes you happy.

  • MomBrain

    You’re right, Nancy! Momentum is everything. Fortunately MomBrain likes to laugh at her own jokes, so she’ll be around for a little while.