Tales from the Dark Side

A big smooch to all of MomBrain’s drunken companions who left their favorite hangover remedies in the last post. I’m afraid MomBrain is just not that experienced with hangovers. My only truly drunken rampage occurred on a cruise ship and it was all my sisters’ fault. After throwing me down on the Lido deck, Sister K put her foot on my delicate princess-like neck and Sister N poured tequila down my throat for several hours. And Sister L is not without responsibility. She was 8 months pregnant and just stood by laughing and laughing her jelly belly laugh.

I am here to tell you that MomBrain is a very cheerful and talkative drunk. I am also here to thank Sisters N and K for saving my alcohol-poisoned, dying self the next morning by throwing me into a cold swimming pool. I was not the only bloated seal floating face down under the water slide, but I was perhaps the most grateful and the most resolute: I Will Never Get Drunk Again.