Hybrid Politics

It’s not easy being a conservative in Seattle, home of Birkenstocks and hippie chicks. But there’s no other way to classify me. I’m pro-family, anti-abortion (sorry – years of infertility left me with strong opinions on this one), and I come from a military family. And I am profoundly grateful for the good fortune of being born in America.

And yet.

My definition of “pro-family” means that my gay friends can make lifetime commitments to each other – and their children – that are legal in every way. And although I am anti-abortion, I refuse to impose that opinion or judgment on any other woman. And my family’s military service, instead of provoking knee-jerk support for the war in Iraq, only creates more questions for me about whether we’re doing the right thing. And it’s precisely *because* I love my country that I will vote for John Kerry.

Did he win the debate tonight? Let the pundits argue that one. But he did win my vote.